Sunday, 15 April 2012

5 Steps to Be a Computer Genius

  • Work on the computer and figure out what does what. Such as on a Mac computer what happen when you hit a picture with two fingers on the trackpad. If you have a friend who likes fiddling with machines, feel free to ask him/her for tips or explanations on certain components on the computer you are wondering about, such as how they work.

  •   Go to the Internet and type in something on Google like "computers for beginners" or go to a store and buy the book "Computers for Dummies".

  •   Experiment with what you know and thus learn what you don't know.

  • Study computer languages such as C++ and Python. These languages will help you making programs and websites.

  • Go to a computer institute and sign in to learn things that will help you such as the ISDL and other great things.

    * Following the above requires lot of effort and passsion. Obviously, Nothing can be attained unless an effort is made.

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